About Us

Art of Skincare

Swan by Kwan was founded by Sundance award-winning Chinese-Canadian filmmaker, Julia Kwan.  In 2007, Julia was diagnosed with cancer.  During her treatment, Julia participated in a program that generously gifted cancer patients with cosmetics/lotions in an effort to help them look and feel good.  As she looked through her bag of cosmetics, she couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the products contained ingredients with chemicals linked to cancer.  This compelled her to do more research and she discovered how many preservatives and parabens are in our daily beauty products.

In an effort to get back to products with simple and natural ingredients, Julia began to make her own beauty products, like her grandmother and the previous generations of women before her did.  In 2012, Julia discovered the healing and emollient properties of camellia tea oil while shooting a film in Vancouver Chinatown’s first premium tea shop, Treasure Green.  With Swan by Kwan, Julia’s goal is to provide a healthy and lovingly crafted alternative to commercial skincare products.

Check out Julia Kwan’s latest film, Everything Will Be, a National Film Board documentary, about the transitioning Chinatown in Vancouver.

The labels are designed by award winning designer/sculptor Mary Ann Liu.  The design was inspired by the Shanghai ad posters in the 1930’s.  Check out Mary Ann Liu’s website.


Photography credit: Athena Wong
Model credit: Valerie Tian

SwanbyKwan is part of Fire Horse Productions Limited group of companies.