The Everything Wonder Balm

Swan by Kwan blends emollient balms using five natural and simple ingredients. The balm features Camellia tea oil, a beauty secret used in China and Japan for centuries. We know the health benefits of consuming tea, now discover its beauty benefits on the skin.

Our artisanal balms are lovingly crafted in reusable tins and artfully designed.

Made in Canada, Swan by Kwan is the Everything Wonder Balm. Use one natural product on your face, body & lips!


Everything Wonder Balm works wonderfully on dry, cracked hands from use of hand sanitizers.  Use the same product on your lips to keep it moisturized underneath your mask.  Stay safe and take care of each other!


November 16, 2016 – Swan by Kwan’s Everything Wonder Balm featured in Vancouver magazine.

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For the Beauty Buff

Swan by Kwan’s Everything Wonder Balm (from $10) works triple duty to keep your face, body and lips super-soft, but let’s be real: the vintage-Chinese-style packaging is what really caught our eye. The Soap Dispensary, thesoapdispensary.com